Please read through and print out the following General Rental Agreement. This together with the Signed Booking Form make up your contract for the chosen property.

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General Rental Agreement 2015

You have seen the photos and read the description of the property you wish to rent.
Check by email that it is free the period you want to come, then fill in & send the Booking Form.
This, together with the GRA you are now reading, constitutes the rental contract between you and the property owner.
The Initial Payment, usually 25% of the total rental, is due at this point. Please be sure to send this payment promptly as there may be others waiting to book & a confirmation can only be made once this is received.

* * * * * *

The Balance should be paid according to the Confirmation (Please print out). This confirmation generally gives a choice of a bank transfer 6 weeks prior to arrival or Euro notes on arrival. Please respect the timing of the transfer.

The maximum number of persons occupying the house/apartment is strictly limited to the number stated in the description.

No pets allowed unless by special agreement. An extra deposit will be required.
No smoking indoors please.

Do respect the arrival time, no later than 20.00, and departure by 10.00 unless by previously agreed with the owner/caretaker.

Let the person meeting you know your arrival time a few days in advance, or as soon as you yourself know. This avoids unnecessary waiting. Be sure to leave a phone number where you can be reached if needed.

On ARRIVAL : All sums due, including the Security Deposit, must be paid promptly on arrival in Euros.
Do go through the house/apartment and check that everything is to your satisfaction.
Complaints received immediately will be dealt with as promptly as possible.
Any complaints "after the event" cannot be accepted.

During the STAY : Please respect the property and the contents which are there for your convenience and enjoyment. This may include plants, they so much appreciate being watered once in a while.

The Cleaning Fee : Intended for the 'heavy' cleaning & laundry after your departure. Daily chores, like washing up & tidying up should be done as if you were at home.
Rubbish MUST be disposed of before departure according to the tri (selective) system.

On DEPARTURE : Do make the appointment for the check-out in good time. Make sure the apartment/house is tidy and electric appliances are not left on. Report any damage/loss to the person checking you out. In some cases, the Security Deposit can be held for up to 14 days pending closer checking. It is so much better to deal with this whilst you are still there.

General: Please let us have the name of your insurance company prior to arrival. The insurance should include a cancellation policy . Any bank charges to do with transfers to the owner must be borne by you.

Note that all the above applies to most properties. There may be the odd item that differ in which case this will be stated elsewhere. For example, linens are sometimes included, sometimes not.

Do feel free to contact us at any time should you have any questions regarding the place you have booked, Uzes and surroundings or anything concerning your trip.

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